POPcodes and Arcum Partner to Reduce Acquirers’ and ISOs’ Merchant Attrition

CALGARY, AB & ATLANTA, GA Sept 7, 2022 – POPcodes, Inc. (POPcodes), a leading provider of smart-terminal based value-added solutions, and Arcum Partners (Arcum), a provider of AI based merchant retention services, are pleased to announce they will be collaborating to help merchant acquirers and independent sales organizations (ISOs) across North America to tackle what McKinsey considers a 100 billion dollar business challenge – reducing SMB Merchant Attrition.

By combining Arcums’ ability to accurately predict when a merchant is at risk of taking their business to a competitor with POPcodes’ proven ability to directly engage merchants and their in-store associates via messaging displayed on their smart-terminals, the partners expect to significantly reduce the annual churn that many merchant service providers struggle with.

The companies are finalizing agreements with several processors and plan to launch a series of pilot projects in Q4 2022, to prove the effectiveness of their combined platforms and efforts.

“POPcodes’ ability to establish new and highly engaging owned digital media channel aligns very well with Acrum’s ability to identify which merchants would benefit from getting special, attrition reducing attention.” commented Gregg Aamoth, POPcodes’ Chief Executive Officer.  “POPcodes is thrilled to partner with Arcum to digitize this essential but historically difficult and resource intensive process.”

“We are very excited for this partnership.” stated Sebastian Builes, Arcum’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.  “We have always wanted to build an end-to-end solution where our clients can just sit back and watch their churn rates decline every month. A partnership with POPcodes ensures that we can bring this type of solution to the market a lot faster.”


About POPcodes 

POPcodes transforms smart payment terminals, with a white-labeled app, to provide innovative solutions for payment providers and their merchants. Using the payment terminal as an exclusive media channel, acquirers leverage an owned platform ideal for merchant communications – from onboarding, training, and support to VAS sales and referrals. Website: popcodes.com

About Arcum

Arcum is an Atlanta based AI firm that develops proactive retention tools for merchant acquirers and ISOs to identify and reduce customer churn. Arcum recently won the Innovation Challenge at Fintech South, one of the largest Fintech conferences nationwide.  Website: arcum.ai