Why Us

Our Operations

Cloud Functionality

Our Direct-to-Merchant™ (D2M) communication platform is cloud-based. Cloud functionality enables us to give you access to change menus, messaging, and workflows quickly and with ease.

The cloud allows us to pull data quickly, allowing you to provide tailored messaging to your merchants. This means as an ISO or acquirer, you define which content you want to be stored locally, even offline.


We expedite the approval process by blocking card data from going into our app, and doesn't integrate with other payment applications, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free setup. This ensures your data cannot be compromised.

Our quick deployment process offers instant changes without the need for recertification, allowing you to deploy our white-label app in as little as 6 weeks!


Reliability and client security are our top priorities. This is why our Direct-to-Merchant™ (D2M) communication platform is EMV certified and doesn't affect PCI compliance.

Being PCI-compliant ensures that our system is secure allowing consumers to trust you with their payment information. Our white-label app communicates outside the payment gateway, leading to a higher level of protection against fraud.

Benefits of Joining POPcodes

 Minimize Merchant Churn

Call Center Optimization

 Sales, Support & Process Automation

 Minimize Competitor Exposure

 Maximize Website Traffic

 Valueable Data Insights

Our Solutions

Our secure, easy-to-deploy solutions benefit ISOs, acquirers, and payment solution providers by elevating their merchants’ experience. We achieve this through monthly reporting, customizable content, campaign creation, and execution, real-time notifications, and alerts that get delivered directly to your merchants’ in-store smart POS device.