Our Solutions

Proof @ POS™ (POPs)

Our platform’s customer-facing interface offers merchants a comprehensive array of omnichannel add-ons compatible with their current smart devices. Utilizing POPcodes® Proof @ Point of Sale (POPs), merchants can provide their customers with a seamless omnichannel experience encompassing promotions, redemptions, loyalty points, and purchases, establishing you as their all-in-one solution for online/mobile to in-store experiences.

Proof of Permission

Collect customer email and SMS data and opt-ins with confidence and compliant consent!

Proof of Purchase

Secure in-store proof of mobile and online prepaid purchases for seamless pick-up and mobile self-checkout.

Proof of Promotion

Execute and measure omnichannel promotions in-store with ease. Utilize promo codes, phone numbers, or loyalty accounts for seamless in-store experiences.

Proof of Points

Integrated in-store redemption, extending and connecting existing loyalty platforms to create a simple and rewarding in-store experience.