Our Solutions

Direct-to-Merchant™ (D2M) Communication Platform

Use our digitized solutions to avoid disruption, lower churn, increase your brand awareness, and enhance your merchant communications with our cloud-based direct-to-merchant™ communication platform. Our intuitive platform empowers you to customize experiences, expedite transactions, and safeguard your data, with no app update required. These solutions have proven to lower support calls by over 50%!

Digital Unboxing

Effortlessly deploy smart devices and apps to merchants with our customized, digital unboxing and white-labelled welcome experience. Create a guided journey for your merchants, significantly reducing setup time, training, and accelerating their path to the first transaction.

Enhance product exploration, notifications, and retention while showcasing your brand identity through visuals and messaging.


Minimize merchant friction with our user-friendly self-serve options. Provide instant access to training, support, and product discovery enriched by a full workflow-enabled experience 24/7.

Significant call reduction, enhanced scalability, error reduction, and ultimately reducing churn. 

Notifications and Alerts

POPcodes® offers unparalleled communication with merchants through real-time notifications, ensuring merchants are always informed.

This service provider-controlled messaging dramatically reduces spikes in support calls, and ensures that vital, time-sensitive information is delivered where it is needed most at the point of purchase. 

Power-Up Campaigns™

Get measurable results with campaigns delivered to key-holding associates at the start of the day. Utilize targeted operational campaigns to drive awareness and compliance and upsell and cross-sell your products and services with promotional campaigns.

Sell more “sticky” value-added solutions to increase revenue and retention. Bring new products and services to the market more quickly and effectively. 

Merchant Surveys

Tailored surveys and workflows that help you to quickly measure and react to merchants’ needs and satisfaction.

Guide highly satisfied merchants to give referrals and reviews, and notify your retention teams when merchants aren’t happy.