Direct-to-Merchant™ (D2M) Communication Platform

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Our Solutions

POPcodes® helps acquirers, ISO’s, payment service providers (PSPs) and enterprise merchants with smart solutions that deliver more value through merchants’ smart payment terminals. With 10’s of thousands of installs and 10’s of millions of merchant interactions, POPcodes® leads the value-added solution revolution. 

Direct-to-Merchant™ (D2M) Communication Platform

POPcodes® Direct-to-Merchant™ (D2M) communication platform assists PSPs by sending messaging directly to merchants’ smart payment terminals. 

Digital Unboxing

Ensure an effortless and engaging setup through a customized, branded welcome for both new and existing users of smart terminals.

Power-Up Campaigns ​™

Send promotional and operational campaigns guaranteed to drive awareness and action to quickly meet your revenue, compliance, and support optimization goals.

Self Serve

Reduce merchant friction and support calls by seamlessly guiding users to on-device and online product and support content.

Real-time Notifications and Alerts

Keep merchants informed with real-time and ongoing updates on critical topics and relevant events affecting both your services and their critical business needs.

Merchant Surveys

Customized merchant surveys to measure satisfaction, collect information, uncover key pain points, and take the right action to reduce attrition and optimize services.

Proof @ POS™ (POPs)

The customer-facing side of our platform provides merchants with a full suite of omnichannel add-ons that work seamlessly with their existing smart devices. With POPcodes® Proof @ Point of Sale™ (POPs), your merchants’ customers benefit from a seamless omnichannel experience with promotions, redemptions, loyalty points, and purchases.

Letting merchants deliver an exceptional customer experience, making you their one-stop shop for success.

Proof of Permission

Collect customer information and opt-ins for email and SMS data with confidence of legal consent.


Proof of Purchase

Seamless and secure online and mobile purchase to in-person pickup. Gives customers, merchants and associates confidence that the right product or service is given to the right customer at the right place and time.

Proof of Promotion

Enable seamless in-store execution, control and measurement of advanced omnichannel promotions. Connect consumer offers to merchants, partners and brands.

Proof of Points

Effortlessly retrieve and redeem loyalty points through seamless integration with existing loyalty platforms. Enjoy a simple and secure redemption experience for loyalty points and rewards.

What We Do For You

 Decrease Deployment Costs

 Decrease Training & Support Costs

 Increase Value Added Sales

Increase Merchant Retention

 Increase Brand Awareness

 Deliver ROI Guarantee 

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Supported Terminals

Our secure, cloud-based app is accessible on:

We support the Ingenico Tetra 5000 series, Ingenico Axium Series, Pax Technology A and E series, Castles Technology Saturn series, and the Clover Flex series devices.