About Us

Our Story

POPcodes® was founded in 2014 by Gregg Aamoth and Glenn Yuen, who recognized that smart payment terminals have significant untapped potential beyond the credit and debit acceptance role they were playing.  

They were joined in 2016 by Ben Stevenson, now POPcodes’ Chief Technology Officer. For nearly a decade, our skilled and dedicated team has been delivering an expanding array of value-added solutions to solve some of the most challenging needs of the $80 Billion dollar payment industry – and, in parallel, laying the foundation for bringing unprecedented new opportunities to the $30+ trillion dollar retail, restaurant, and travel industries.

About POPcodes®

At POPcodes® real-time communication is our secret sauce. We reduce support friction, increase your value-added functions, and boost your brand awareness, with the smartest B2B and B2C solutions at the in-store point of purchase. 

You can send notifications, alerts, and campaigns directly to your merchants’ smart payment terminals. By connecting you at the point of purchase (POP) directly, we ensure you understand your merchants’ needs and that your merchants understand the range of your value-added services (VAS).

Benefit from higher sales, fewer support calls, and greater ROI, with the holy grail of smart terminal technology.


Gregg Aamoth

Co-Founder & CEO

Gregg is a recognized expert in omnichannel, data-driven marketing and customer data management.

Glenn Yuen


Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of POPcodes, Glenn Yuen was the Founder of Dynamic Risk.

Ben Stevenson

Chief Technology Officer

Ben is a full-stack developer with previous experience in medical and financial software development.

Our Mission

POPcodes mission is to transform the globally connected card-present payment ecosystem into a platform for communication, engagement, and seamless experiences between merchants and their service providers, partners, and consumers.

Our Vision

Our vision at POPcodes is to revolutionize the payments industry by empowering merchants and acquirers through our unique solutions.

We will achieve this by continuously innovating, staying ahead of the curve, and anticipating the evolving needs of our clients.

POPcodes will continuously research and optimize our white-label application to make our vision a reality.

Our Partners & Associations

Our Solutions

Digitize your processes by utilizing POPcodes® Direct-to-Merchant (D2M) communication platform. Our solutions help prevent disruptions, boost brand awareness, and streamline merchant communication. Minimizing merchant attrition, significantly lowering support calls, and increasing revenue growth.