Enhancing merchant engagement, now on AMP devices!

AMP (Advanced Mobile Payment Inc.) joins POPcodes’ device manufacturer partnerships with POPcodes solutions available on AMP devices!

Calgary, AB, November 24, 2021 – POPcodes’ Push Button Services (PBS) white-labeled app is now available for acquirers and ISOs to deploy to merchants with AMP 8 Series EMV Smart terminals. The Android based terminals offer a sleek 5” touchscreen display, fully video capable, with the latest advancements in payment acceptance, connectivity, and security. Combined with a cloud-based content management and workflow solution, the PBS app allows merchant service providers to use their payment terminal estates as an owned media channel.


“We’re excited to partner with AMP to enable POPcodes’ value-added solutions!” said Gregg Aamoth, CEO of POPcodes. “Their internet connected Smart terminals are a cost-effective option to enable the contactless payments SMBs and their customers need – and the large and vibrant touch-screens are ideal for displaying the engaging content and omnichannel workflows that we provide to help processors establish longer-lasting, more profitable relationships with their portfolios of merchants.”


“At AMP our focus is on collaborating with others to make payment Smarter, and Push Button Services from POPcodes really embodies that objective.” said Robert Downton, SVP Sales North America, AMP. “This partnership will help deliver better payment experiences by providing even more ways for our EMV Smart devices to engage and provide intuitive flows to merchants, consumers, and acquiring partners alike.”


Used by large acquirers and ISOs across North America since 2018, the PBS solution provides a modern, highly effective platform to communicate securely and instantly to thousands of merchants at scale. POPcodes now enables merchant service providers deploying AMP devices to digitize their merchant engagement lifecycle from the initial unboxing experience and device set-up, to self-help support, and automated value-added product or service sales.


To deploy POPcodes’ Push Button Services solution on AMP devices Contact Us.


About AMP

Advanced Mobile Payment Inc. (AMP) is a global provider of complete payment solutions and POS products built around usability, security, and Smart integration options. Equipped with the latest certifications and able to integrate with any platform, AMP delivers tools designed to keep transactions secure and improve the payment experience. From creating Smart payment devices to designing entire solutions, AMP works collaboratively to solve customer’s unique payment challenges.


Learn more at www.amobilepayment.com


About POPcodes

POPcodes transforms smart payment terminals by providing innovative solutions for payment providers and their merchants. Using the payment terminal as an exclusive media channel, acquirers leverage a digital unboxing experience, self-help access, sales automation and more to engage merchants and increase satisfaction. Merchants use the acquirer’s POPcodes app to enable promotion redemption, customer SMS/Email opt-in, buy online pickup in-store, loyalty point redemption and more.

POPcodes flexible workflow and content delivery solution adapts to any communication need, digitizing in-store needs for an omnichannel experience.


Learn more at www.popcodes.com