POPcodes to Exhibit in TAG FinTech Summit’s Innovation Alley

FinTech startup set to showcase their solution Innovation Alley of TAG’s FinTech Symposium, February 9th 2017. 

Calgary, AB—January 28, 2017—POPcodes, a startup focused on improving consumer and merchant experience, is set to attend the National Merchant Day conference in Atlanta, GA, February 9th 2017
With more than 500 attendees and senior executive speakers from some of the most important and innovative companies in the industry, TAG FinTech GA is the premier event in the southeast covering innovation in payments, banking, commerce, mobility, data and technology. The event will feature the Innovation Alley – an exhibit hall area featuring Georgia-based financial technology companies, from global leaders to emerging startups.

POPcodes will be demonstrating real-world examples of how their In-Store App™ can provide a quick, safe and easy way for acquirers and ISOs to better service their merchants, and for merchants to better service their customers.

“Millions of merchants touch their payment terminal dozens of times a day. It is the ideal platform to quickly and securely connect them with the service provider they depend on for up to 70% of their revenue, the credit and debit card processor. These same merchants are desperate for solutions that help them attract and provide a seamless, omnichannel experience to their high-value customers.  We’re committed to creating the best merchant and customer experience for down to the last meter, not just the last mile.”

-Gregg Aamoth, POPcodes CEO

To learn more about POPcodes, visit them at the TAG FinTech Symposium, or go to www.popcodes.com.