The Future of How We Pay: What You Need to Know

How often do you think about the credit cards and debit cards in your pocket, or the banking app on your phone, and consider how they could be better — faster, more secure, and more convenient? Chances are, with names like Apple Pay and Square in the headlines, constant press over the latest security breach in a giant retailer’s point-of-sale system, or an upcoming shift to EMV technology in the news, you’ve given it at least a passing thought.

But the payments industry isn’t a tech topic that people follow with the same interest they have in the best new mobile apps, the latest patent Apple’s been granted, or the useful gadgets that are new to the market. So what do  consumers need to know about where the payments industry is going? What are the problems with our current payment methods? What alternatives are available now, and what else will be available in the near future?

Are there new retail models that aren’t yet on the general consumer’s radar? Which innovations have proven successful, and which have yet to prove themselves? How soon will technology be able to replace your wallet? When will the average consumer think that technology can really replace their wallet? How will new payment methods improve security, and what can you do to protect your data? Read on to find the answers to all of these questions and more, and learn about the perspectives of the experts we interviewed on the present and future state of how we pay.

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