POPcodes selected to present at Money 20/20’s StartupPitch180 sponsored by EY

FinTech and Retail Tech startup is raising money and the attention of Money 20/20’s elite audience. 

Las Vegas—October 21, 2016—POPcodes, a startup focused on improving both consumer and merchant experience, has been asked to participate in the StartupPitch180 at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas on October 25th.  They will compete for cash prizes, investor’s attention, and a coveted spot on the main stage in between the keynote speakers! 
POPcodes is one of only fifteen late stage startups selected from around the globe to take place in Money 20/20’s 5th year’s competition. The action will be fast paced, interactive and fun, as judges from leading VC firms and audience voting will determine the 4 winners from our curated list of startup companies.

“It is a great honor to compete in this year’s StartupPitch180,” said Gregg Aamoth, CEO of POPcodes. “We were recognized as Money 20/20’s Top Financial and Payments Innovations in 2014, I got the amazing opportunity to join industry leaders in ringing NASDAQ’s closing bell last year, and this year’s event promises to be even better!”
POPcodes will be demonstrating real-world examples of how their In-Store App™ can provide a quick, safe and easy way for acquirers and ISOs to better service their merchants, and for merchants to better service their customers.

“Millions of merchants touch their payment terminal dozens of times a day. It is the ideal platform to quickly and securely connect them with the service provider they depend on for up to 70% of their revenue; the credit and debit card processor. These same merchants are desperate for solutions that help them attract and provide a seamless, omnichannel experience to their high-value customers.  We’re committed to creating the best merchant and customer experience for down to the last metre, not just the last mile.”
To learn more about POPcodes, visit booth 2543 on the exhibition hall floor of Money 20/20, or go to www.popcodes.com.

About POPcodes
POPcodes simple and secure In-Store App transforms the ubiquitous and trusted payment terminal into a cloud connected, multi-purpose and secure communication platform.
Acquirers and ISOs use POPcodes to improve the merchant experience; reducing merchant support costs and streamlining the process of adding services and ordering supplies.  The same platform, helps merchants improve the in-store execution and measurement of omnichannel promotions, provides customers with the ability redeem loyalty points or generate proof of their online purchases when they are in the store.  For more information, email info@popcodes.com or visit www.POPcodes.com.