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POPcodes’ app can be deployed to smart terminals in the field through your current Terminal or Estate Management System (TMS /EMS). You don’t need new hardware!
Content updates occur without an app update. This enables you to change the information you send to merchants quickly and easily. You don’t have to make content changes, but to receive the most value, it’s easy to change content to reflect any updated and current messaging. Our content change processes are easier than updating a website.

Starting at $1.50/mth per terminal.

Deployment requires very few IT resources. We recommend that a technical team does a final signoff for the app installed on the device and participates in the setup of the deployment process (through a fulfillment partner or EMS). With POPcodes, everything is tested before deployment and works alongside your EMS.
Very little. The POPcodes team takes care of major setup or content changes. Your team can easily submit alerts through our drag-and-drop portal interface and check on usage statistics with a simple explanation.
None! Push Button Services™ provides resources through a combination of automatic display messages and intuitive, easy-to-use in-app content.
We are extremely measurable through our interaction history data. Use this function to see usage metrics like sessions, active users, and view the specific pages your merchant terminals access.
Content management and workflow processing are cloud-based. The in-store app runs on the device itself. We employ a hybrid SaaS solution with the app on the device, with the admin portal and content workflow engine stored in the cloud. This is similar to a payment terminal app on a device with a gateway in the cloud.

We support the Ingenico Tetra 5000 series, Ingenico Axium Series, Pax Technology A and E series, Castles Technology Saturn series, and the Clover Flex series devices.

No, our app is siloed from your payment app in the app environment.
Absolutely, our app has no effect on your PCI or gateway.
The timeline is less than 90 days to deploy our app with your personalized content! Content changes can be made in less than two days’ notice through our POPcodes team and you can push new alerts independently in real-time.
Content changes are made typically in less than 48 hrs notice through our POPcodes team and you can push new alerts yourself in real-time.
It’s up to you! Urgent alert messages are created and submitted into the portal by you to ensure timeliness. The POPcodes team sets up workflows for the content created by you, or we create content for your needs based on your input.

Yes. PBS can integrate into many of your current systems.

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