Our Clients

POPcodes offers solutions for a broad range of clients within the payment industry. From top-tier issuers down to cardholders, our app provides opportunities for many parties within the payments value-chain.

Our Clients Across the Payments Value-Chain:


Acquirers and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)

Our white-labelled solutions provide our globally recognized merchant acquirers and ISOs tools to create longer, more profitable relationships with their card present merchants.

Our content and workflow management platform delivers the high availability, security, and tracking data that our world-class acquirer and ISO clients demand. POPcodes solutions help them effectively and efficiently engage with their customers. Our Push Button Services™ (PBS) app communicates with their customers, directs customer support, and upsells to the tens of thousands of card present merchants in the acquirer or ISO’s portfolios.

Acquirers and ISOs deploy our app on every smart terminal they ship. We enable a new “owned” digital media channel that is controlled by them with unparalleled customer engagement rates. Our clients pay for the content delivery, support and workflow automation, and revenue generation our platform provides.

Sub-ISOs, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Independently, or as part of a co-branded strategy, sub-ISOs, ISVs, and VARs can digitally engage with their merchant communities as well. Our template-driven communication platform delivers the content and connection that every payment process contributor needs to maximize the lifetime value of their customer.


Value-Added Solution (VAS) Providers

When large numbers of merchants share a common business model and merchant category code, their most essential solution provider is often a niche player in the industry. As a VAS ourselves, we know how tough it is to reach those merchants. In the typical referral model, the payment device controllers can make it tough to get your product to market. Our platform avoids this barrier with win-win-win-win relationships:
  • Payment service providers get the sales and the control they require
  • VAS providers get the access to the merchant base they desire
  • Merchants and their associates get efficient training and self-serve support
  • Merchant support teams get relief from third-party questions and challenges they can’t solve

Fulfilment, Supply, and Accessory Providers

Over 70% of merchant revenue earned is tendered as non-cash transactions. With this statistic, merchants need modern and readily available payment-related hardware, supplies, and accessories.

To meet this need, every major service provider has close partners on standby, ready to serve, sell, and ship goods to the merchant. Some providers still offer free replenishment programs, which we can automate through our app, but the competition for the merchant’s business is still fierce.

We provide merchants with a secure, streamlined, and virtually instant order processing platform that’s literally at their fingertips 24/7. This capability is a massive differentiator from our competitors in the industry.

Brick and Mortar and Omnichannel Merchants

Our Push Button Services™ (PBS) help merchants with a physical location learn about and subscribe to Proof @ POS™ (POPs), our customer-facing value-added solution offerings. POPs helps card present merchants create a seamless payment journey for their customers. Consumers are promoted to, shop at, and ideally pay while online or via their mobile device. They then come into the physical store, restaurant, venue, or worksite to complete their transaction or experience.

Merchants can use our tools to present the “opt-in” verbiage they are legally required to display and collect the consent that they hope to earn from their customers. POPcodes solutions can inform consumers of, and enroll them for participation in offers that others create to sell their products. We can help them easily create advanced digital and social promo-codes to help drive traffic to their stores.

Our platform can also be used to ensure a simple secure pick-up experience when merchants sell their products and services online. We can even help their customers retrieve and redeem loyalty points while in-store.

Push Button Services™ (PBS)

Using the intuitive POPcodes app, our clients can engage merchants to increase retention and profitability. We make it easy to communicate and serve merchants with simple device setup, sales and support. Make your terminal an ambassador for your brand. Use the POPcodes app to deliver engaging, graphical, and personalized content to smart terminals. The benefit of customized messaging boosts brand awareness, enables self-help, and automates complex omnichannel workflows. PBS uses QR Codes to direct merchants from their smartphones into your or your partners’ website, apps, and other digital resources. What else can PBS do?
Provide common support topics and training materials based on your merchant’s needs.
Gather support requests to direct to the correct party, with merchant details, to resolve support calls faster.
Deliver branded messaging to communicate for operations, sales, or merchant satisfaction feedback.

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