The Future of How We Pay: What You Need to Know

How often do you think about the credit cards and debit cards in your pocket, or the banking app on your phone, and consider how they could be better — faster, more secure, and more convenient? Chances are, with names like Apple Pay and Square in the headlines, constant press over the latest security breach … Read more

POS malware mayhem: POS and the return of POS

“The U.S. Secret Service and Trustwave researchers identified, analyzed, and named the Backoff POS malware, which has affected at least 1K businesses across the country,” says Karl Sigler, Threat Intelligence Manager, Trustwave. But while the security world is buzzing about Backoff POS and the BlackPOS malware that infiltrated Target last year, other POS malware is afoot, evolving, and potentially surging and resurging at any time.

Will Consumers “Back Off” Brick-and-Mortar After Latest Breach?

A few weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security revealed malicious software had infected more than 1,000 retailers’ point of sale systems, potentially leaking customers’ credit card data to hackers. This malware, known as “Backoff,” was highlighted again in Home Depot’s announcement early last month. With Target’s similar “Black POS” breach in the not-so-distant past, these announcements mark strike after strike against already shaky consumer confidence.

Kohl’s leverages mobile loyalty program to drive customer engagement

Kohl’s is leveraging its new loyalty program, optimized for mobile and Web, in a bid to continue driving customer engagement and build deeper relationships with consumers. The Yes2You rewards program will offer earning points for every purchase made at or in-store, and will serve as a two-way dialogue to help deliver meaningful experiences, according … Read more