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POPcodes transforms the payment terminal into a powerful merchant and customer engagement tool.

This Week in Location Based Marketing – Episode #312

POPcodes is pleased to have been featured in an episode of This Week in Location Based Marketing. In their weekly podcast Asif R. Khan and …


Survey: Shoppers opt for help from phone over sales associate

“Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to answer product-related questions, like price and availability, while they shop,” said Jason Purcell, CEO and co-founder of Salsify. “This year’s research again demonstrates just how critical it is for every brand and retailer to have a systematized approach to maintain robust and relevant digital content to retain shopper attention and win sales.”


Catching Consumers In Context And How POPcodes Makes It Possible

That the retail world has changed very quickly and fundamentally in the last several years is no longer up for debate. The digital age has spawned customers that are incredibly knowledgeable about — and always connect to — commerce. The number of potential touchpoints a retailer has with consumers has increased exponentially over the past decade — and the dawn of the era of the connected device is set to expand it even further.

The good news for payments and commerce players is that this evolution has been an excellent catalyst for innovation and improvement — particularly in the pursuit of a better customer experience. The more challenging news is that delivering on that potential is a lot of work and typically requires a series of separate but connected efforts to produce one unified experience.

“Traditional brick-and-mortar merchants are realizing they need both a strong digital and social presence,” POPcodes CEO Gregg Aamoth told PYMNTS in a recent conversation.


POPcodes Awarded 2nd Place in Southeast Acquirers Association TestTrack Competition

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – March 28, 2017 – PRLog — POPcodes, a startup focused on improving consumer, merchant and acquirer experience, participated in TestTrack 2017 at the Northeast Acquirers Association conference in Charlotte on March 20th, 2017.


Survey: Store retailers leaving money on table

Disappointing shopping experiences are costing brick-and-mortar retailers serious money.
That’s according to the recent TimeTrade State of Retail 2017 survey, whose results suggest that U.S. retail stores left about $150 billion in potential revenue on the table in 2016 by failing to offer shoppers the personalized shopping experiences they want.   
Respondents said that, on average, they would increase their in-store spending by 4.7% if they received better, more personalized service from retailers.  


Passing the Fintech Test

Every lawyer must manage client expectations, but nowhere more than in the fast-moving world of financial technology. One company, a fintech business, met with Kashif Zaman with a list of things it wanted to accomplish.


Creating a Brilliant Customer Experience Across All Channels

A recent Deloitte survey on consumer holiday shopping plans contained some interesting news for brick-and-mortar retailers. While online purchases continue to nibble away at in-person shopping margins, consumers are seeking the best of both worlds. In greater numbers, they’re visiting stores to check out products before purchasing online, or purchasing online and picking items up in-store.


POPcodes to Exhibit in TAG FinTech Summit’s Innovation Alley

Calgary, AB—January 28, 2017—POPcodes, a startup focused on improving consumer and merchant experience, is set to attend the National Merchant Day conference in Atlanta, GA, February 9th 2017