Unboxing Now: Welcome to Our New Website!

POPcodes is very excited to unveil our new website!

The world is digitizing faster than ever before and an omnichannel experience is becoming an expectation. Our old website served us well, but we wanted to deliver a better experience! With easy access to more information, we want our prospective clients to imagine how POPcodes solutions can help reach their goals through the smart terminal, at the point of purchase.

Information about our POPcodes platform and its solutions, Push Buttons Services™ and Proof @ POS™, is now readily accessible. Our POPcodes solutions are flexible; the usual use cases are just the starting point for our acquirer, ISO, and other payments industry clients. We have typically educated potential and current clients one-on-one with our team. This method has been a great way to understand an individual client’s particular pain points, such as merchant onboarding or outage alerts, and show how our Push Button Services solution can solve their challenges starting from the point of purchase.

With 92% of B2B purchases now starting online, we wanted to expand the information we made available before you even engage with our team. We have transformed our website to include more Push Button Services Use Cases and describe Our Solutions: Push Button Services and Proof @ POS. When you are ready for a custom demo or to learn more we would be excited to connect!

For our current clients, there is no need to worry about adjusting to a new portal interface. Our production portal is developed and maintained separately from our new website, so you can expect to have a consistent experience when you log in to send Alerts, check usage statistics or anything else in the portal.

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For any questions, feedback, or suggestions on what you’d like to see when researching POPcodes solutions, please Contact Us.