Our Solutions

We’ve created a unique platform that brings advanced messaging, content delivery, and workflow management capabilities to the in-store point of purchase.

The POPcodes Solution

Our platform addresses two critical business needs with a single, easy to deploy, smart terminal app and a powerful, flexible, and rapidly expandable host environment:
1. Merchant retention and profitability – top B2B concerns of acquirers and ISOs.
2. Merchants and Brands desire to create a seamless and measurable online to offline, B2C and B2B2C experience for high value, omnichannel customers.

POPcodes Solutions are Easy to Deploy and Safe to Use

Our highly secure, scalable, and reliable host environment and smart terminal based app are tailored to:

A New Channel for Timely, Engaging and Efficient Interactions to Maximize B2B and B2C Lifetime Value (LTV)

While the business of selling goods and services to merchants is quite different from selling to consumers, both share the desire to establish long-lasting, profitable relationships with their respective customers. The channels used to achieve those goals are often similar.

Both merchants and their service providers attempt to engage, educate, sell, and support their customers through traditional print, mail, email, phone, web, digital and social channels.

Now, when those customer journeys take place in, or around, the merchants’ brick and mortar location, those needs and objectives can be achieved via a new digital media channel – the ubiquitous, simple to use, and highly secure payment terminal.

Two Different Solutions from POPcodes

POPcodes offers two solutions, Push Button Services™ and Proof @ POS™, providing value for payment providers and their merchants.

Both solutions are enabled through a combination of four major components of our platform:

Our In-Store App®

The white-labelled Android or HTML-based app runs on merchants’ smart terminals. Merchants or consumers interact with this app, which is our user interface.

Our Content, Messaging & Workflow Management Engine

The highly scalable, secure, AWS, cloud-based service ensures that personalized content remains current, operational and promotional messages are delivered, and complex workflows are processed.

Our Admin Portal

The web-based, no-code UI that content and workflow managers use to manage their environment, templates, and to see merchants’ interactions.


A secure, flexible toolkit enables automated inputs to and outputs from our online system.

Push Button Services™ (PBS)

For acquirers and ISOs, we offer our PBS solution to transform your smart terminals into a dynamic digital media channel to communicate directly to merchants.

We’re with you every step of the way. When you need assistance, POPcodes solutions are there to engage, educate, enroll, and support. Use our PBS for:

An easy digital unboxing experience guides merchants through new device setup.

Accessible and intuitive self-serve options display common support topics and training materials based on your merchant’s needs.

Automated support callbacks ensure your merchants connect with the appropriate party who can quickly troubleshoot any issues.

Real-time alerts send time-sensitive push notifications to your merchants in under 10 minutes.

Branded messaging shows up at power-up and/or scheduled times, effectively communicating promotional and operational messages.

Upselling, cross-selling, and referrals enable acquirers to generate sales leads and referrals right from the terminal.

Merchant surveys help you gauge merchant satisfaction, gather data, and act accordingly.

Proof @ POS™ (POPs)

Our POPs solution is made for acquires and ISOs to enable their merchants to serve customers more effectively. Through this solution, your merchant can access easy value-added services including:

Proof of Permission

Collect customer information with opt-ins for email and SMS data with confidence in adhering to legally required consent verbiage.

Proof of Promotion

Customers can redeem multiparty promotions in-store, with exceptional traceability to connect digital marketing efforts to in-store sales. Customers can retrieve promotions through promo codes, phone numbers, or loyalty accounts.

Proof of Purchase

Enables merchants to confidently and efficiently handoff pre-paid purchases from Buy Online Pick-Up In-Store (BOPIS) and mobile self-checkout orders.

Proof of Points

Retrieve and redeem loyalty points with integration into existing loyalty platforms.

Solutions for Acquirers and Merchants

POPcodes offers a versatile app that communicates, educates, and adds to your marketing mix. We offer an enhanced experience for merchants and easy communication with acquirers or ISOs. Some key factors our clients benefit from include:
  • Utilizing smart devices as a resource to improve merchant engagement
  • A versatile and valuable resource, already at your merchants’ fingertips
  • Two-way communication with your merchants
  • Differentiated services for acquirers and merchants
  • Detailed usage tracking
  • Real-time additions and changes
  • Local and online interactions
  • Easily customized content
  • No effect on PCI or gateways
  • And more!

Solutions from PBS Use Cases

POPcodes enables flexibility for employing use cases to creatively solve unique pain points for acquirers and ISOs. It’s not a one size fits all product, POPcodes works with the service provider to give the most value through the app. PBS supports different solutions targeted to benefit different service provider teams. Here are some ways we can help:

Solution: Digital Unboxing/Deployment Support

PBS includes product, onboarding, fulfillment, and merchant experience teams. We give merchants a tool with easy-to-follow built-in resources and solutions for setup and activation to increase ease of use.

Solution: Self Service Merchant Support

Our PBS solution offers self-help, automated support, and operational messaging to merchants, giving them tools to serve themselves and direction to more in-depth online resources.

Solution: Sales/Referral Automation

Sales, business development, and marketing teams can utilize PBS messaging, alerts, referrals, and sales options in the menu for various CTAs.

Solution: Merchant Satisfaction/Retention

Send alerts to address operational issues and provide resources to your merchants. Merchant experience teams offer you tools to increase merchant satisfaction proactively. Our PBS solution enables self-help, offers value-added services, addresses operational issues through alerts, and surveys and responds to merchant satisfaction scores accordingly.

Branding and Marketing with the PBS App

POPcodes solutions are white-label ready and can be branded for the acquirer or the acquirer’s individual ISOs. The PBS app becomes an extension of your traditional marketing channels, enabling you to display your messaging right on the terminal screen.

Easy Deployment

New clients are impressed by our deployment timeline. Our powerful and easy to deploy app is ready to go in less than 90 days. Our app makes deployment a cinch because it:

  • Customizes content easily
  • Employs both local and online interactions
  • Uses real-time additions and changes
  • Includes detailed usage tracking
  • Does not require merchant training or setup
  • Does not need programming or integration
  • Has zero effect on PCI or gateways

Information and Communication

We’ve found and implemented a new use into your payment terminal. With POPcodes solutions, merchant’s handheld device becomes a communication tool and a self-help source to quickly deliver the information you and your merchants need.

  • Delivers essential information and automates key sales and support workflows
  • Fast, consistent, and secure communications across the entire value chain
  • Multiple opportunities for revenue, referral, and cost-sharing
  • Distinct branding and content managed through easy to maintain templates
  • Detailed activation and usage tracking
  • Instantly and securely send information and initiate actions
  • Connect the terminal to our host, to you, and to your partners. The terminal can initiate emails, SMS texts, or send to CRM or ERP via secure API

Content Types

Our app introduces personalized content to your smart terminal, created with and controlled through the admin portal, where no-codes are required to create and customize:

  • Menus and lists with easy control of both icons and the menu text
  • Display screens – Including simple text, JPG or HTML graphics, GIFs, dynamic text, barcodes, and QR codes
  • Print receipts – with templates and dynamic text and graphics for merchants to takeaway (e.g., for instructions or, access URLs on desktop)
  • Triggers (events that automatically occur on boot-up, when scheduled, or when selected from a menu)
  • Inputs for data collection, ask merchants to enter phone number, MID, TID or other validation for password reset initiations or data collection purposes

What Solutions Can We Offer You?

POPcodes solutions offer acquirers and ISOs many opportunities while at the same time keeping your merchants happy. Connect with us by filling out our contact form  and we’ll reach out to discuss how our solutions can help you.