Use Cases

The POPcodes platform enables two unique solutions: Push Button Services™ (PBS) and Proof @ POS™ (POPs). Each solution provides flexible use cases to enhance the capabilities of your smart payment terminal, whether directed from acquirers and ISOs to merchants (PBS) or from merchants to their customers (POPs).

Push Button Services™ (PBS) Epic Use Cases

There are many reasons our partners choose to work with us. We present clients with a value-added service that’s quick, versatile, and easy to use out of the box. Here are some of our offerings.

Welcome Unboxing: A Digital Unboxing Experience

Remove the guesswork from trying to figure out complicated instructions that come with a traditional welcome kit. Our step-by-step digital unboxing service helps your merchants understand how to use the device through the setup process, avoiding common support calls.

Self-Help: Engaging Self-Serve Support

Your PBS white label app has virtually all the answers merchants need built right in. Quick instructions and troubleshooting are available on the terminal screen. For more complicated questions, the app displays QR codes leading to specific online resources through your merchant’s smartphone, eliminating the need for endless internet search queries and competitor exposure.

Automated Support: Inbound Support Requests

Your merchant’s time is valuable, which is why we believe they shouldn’t spend minutes on hold calling for support. Our automated support feature routes requests to appropriate parties to call merchants at a convenient time, with specific information to resolve calls faster.


The PBS app turns a smart terminal into a communication device. Send merchants notifications and display messages in real-time for time-sensitive operational needs. POPcodes solutions enable you to alert merchants about outages before they complain online.

Operational and Promotional Messaging

Your device should reflect your brand and its messaging. Customize the communications on the PBS app to reach customers with messaging that reinforces your brand identity. When merchants turn on their device in the morning, the PBS app displays a power-up message and any alerts to note before they have customers in the building.

Sales and Referrals

Turn your device terminal into another salesperson. Additionally, use our terminals to gather leads and referrals for future business opportunities.

Merchant Surveys

Conveniently confirm or collect merchant data and even execute merchant satisfaction surveys like NPS! Act on responses through our integrations to access your scores quickly.


App and cloud-based components are combined to quickly digitize multistep, multiparty, and multichannel workflows. Seamlessly guide the merchant from local and online content on the smart device to email, SMS, web, app, and even voice interactions on their smartphones. Use the PBS app to track and optimize those interactions like never before.

Proof @ POS™ (POPs) Use Cases:

Push Button Services™ solutions are not the only value you can get from our app.
We also offer Proof @ POS™ that helps your merchants do more.

Proof of Permission

Validated customer opt-in consent and collection for email and SMS communications.

Proof of Promotion

Personalize and trace digital to in-store promotions.

Proof of Purchase

Easily validate in-store pickup of mobile/online orders.

Proof of Points

Earn and redeem loyalty points right at the terminal.

POPs for Merchants & Marketers

Using an existing payment terminal, your merchants can implement a full suite of services. POPs allows your merchants to:
  • Create and track promotions and attribute redemptions to campaigns in various marketing channels
  • Use existing hardware and implement the app through the terminal so POPs is conveniently at merchants’ and customers’ fingertips.
  • Track all media
  • Calculate one to one measurement points
  • Track all redemptions
  • Convert points to dollars at the POS
  • Collect data on purchases
  • Attribute online to in-store conversion
  • Increase in-store spend
  • Be an omnichannel retailer


It’s easy to see how POPcodes solutions can enhance a marketing mix. Our POPs solution allows merchants, brands, and partners to create unique promotional codes that track the success of marketing campaigns and attribute them to in-store sales. This is especially handy when promotions or sales run through various marketing channels. We want you and your merchants to get the most out of your terminal device, and both of you can benefit from POPcodes powered solutions.

A Success Strategy for Omnichannel Merchants

Omnichannel strategy connects all of a company’s touchpoints between brick-and-mortar shops, social, website, email, and mobile. Consumers want 24/7 customer service and personalized communication. The POPcodes app can help merchants stay in touch with their customers through contact information the customers provide by inputting their phone number or email address directly into the payment terminal. Merchants can use this data to connect with customers. Our app enables merchants to automate an initial email or SMS to stay in touch after the customer leaves their store.

Don’t worry, we’ve thought about data privacy regulations and we make sure your merchants are covered from a legal standpoint. Our POPs solution offers verifiable consent for gathering a customer’s personal data for marketing purposes. Our app logs data for merchants that verify when customers saw legal disclaimers before submitting their information.

Omnichannel strategy improves customer lifetime value, reaches new customers, increases operational efficiency, and increases sales.