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POPcodes transforms the payment terminal into a powerful merchant and customer engagement tool.

More Than Digital Plus Traditional: A Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

In sector after sector, companies are asking how they can adapt to the digital world—how they can build more digital capabilities, create more digital offerings, and even become “digital first” organizations.

But for institutions that have served customers for decades in person and over the phone, digital too often falls short. After the debut of a new app, for example, a jump in sales may not be as big as expected, while hoped-for operational efficiencies—such as a reduction in expensive call-center and in-store customer-support requests—hardly materialize.

Executives naturally wonder why: aren’t customers demanding digital? Without question, they are. But not to the exclusion of other channels, which remain critically important.


Study: One in four retailers feel paralyzed by Amazon

According to the study, 60% of retailers consider Amazon at least somewhat of a competitor. These companies also continue to grapple with free shipping, email communications and better access to customer data to mimic what Amazon does best: provide highly personalized and convenient experiences for customers. 
Specifically, 63% of retailers believe free shipping for loyalty program members is one of Amazon’s most impactful consumer-facing technology initiatives. Yet, only 10% of retailers have significantly increased investment in technology to better compete with Amazon. Meanwhile, 29% of retailers haven’t even changed their data collection and analysis processes as a result of Amazon’s influence.


How to Sell to Millennials, the largest segment in the U.S.

Millennials, born 1981-1997, now number greater than 75 million and have become the largest living population, according to recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Needless to say, they are a very important retail segment.

Retailers need to pay special attention to this group and even consider new marketing tactics as Millennials differ quite a bit from prior generations in terms of making purchase decisions and developing brand loyalties.

Research from Vantiv gives some insight into what millennials look for in a retail experience. Here are a few tips to start building relationships with and selling to this important demographic.


8 Reasons Why Loyalty Programs Are Imperative For Marketers

Companies throughout the nation are now utilizing loyalty programs more often than ever before. These organizations understand the importance of retaining existing customers and choose to implement a system directed specifically at building customer loyalty.


POPcodes Finalist in Canada’s FinTech Cup

Calgary, AB—May 17, 2017—POPcodes, a startup focused on improving consumer, merchant and acquirer experiences, has been selected to compete against some of Canada’s most innovative FinTech, PayTech, AI, and RegTech startups. The FinTech Cup, a collaboration between Payments Canada, 500 Startups, The Digital Finance Institute and sponsored by Paysafe and CIBC, is intended to foster innovation and talent in the payments ecosystem and drive awareness and funding for the finalists.


POPcodes to compete in Vantiv’s Payments Pitch-Off

POPcodes, a startup focused on improving consumer, merchant and acquirer experiences, has been invited to compete in the Payments Pitch-Off and E-Pay Innovation Award at this year’s Transact 17.  The winner will earn $25,000 in prize money and the 2017 E-Pay Innovation Award.


Press Release: POPcodes to exhibit at Discover’s Payments Next Zone at Transact 17, sponsored by ETA

POPcodes has been a member of the ETA almost since its inception. As such, POPcodes is thrilled to have been selected to be a part of the Payments Next Zone. “We could not be more pleased to have been selected to stand up next to such industry leading startups as Womply or Adyen. Though we may be newer to the industry, we believe our product will complement the offerings of companies such as these, and we can work together to change the face of retail.”

-Gregg Aamoth, POPcodes CEO


This Week in Location Based Marketing – Episode #312

POPcodes is pleased to have been featured in an episode of This Week in Location Based Marketing. In their weekly podcast Asif R. Khan and …